Turcinesti, Cartiu nr.282, Gorj county, phone: +40 756 363 454

Area attractions

Turcinesti-Schela area, for decades is one of the most attractive and picturesque regional areas. This area has large elements of historical and artistic interest among which we mention:

  • Cartianu House (located in the vicinity) - situated in the village Cartiu, common Turcinesti on the right bank of the river Cartior. It is one of the most representative Romanian old architecture monuments, dated to the late eighteenth century, is a mansion that was originally fortified house (cula Oltenia). The building is structured on three levels, unique touch to the monument is on the chain of Albanian influence verandas, built after 1821 on all sides, as well as access stairs that makes vertical connection. Among the great personalities who have visited the Cartianu House we can include King Carol II, George Tatarescu, Barbu Stefanescu-Delavrancea, Dinu Sichitiu Cartior. Here today you can find a museum of popular costume from Gorj area, the building is shown on the national list of historic monuments of exceptional value.
  • Brancusian sculptural ensemble in Targu-Jiu (Coloana Infinitului, Poarta Sarutului, Masa Tacerii, Aleea Scaunelor - (8 km)
  • Cula and the village museum Curtisoara (4 km) - founded in 1975, the Museum of Popular Architecture Curtisoara comprises a total of 30 goals that capture the lifestyle of Gorj over time. It was built around the Cornoiu Cula and other buildings built by families who have mastered it.
  • Transalpina - DN 67C - (55 km) the highest road from Carpathian Mountains (highest point at 2145 meters), built by roman army in their way to Sarmisegetusa.
  • St. Petru si Paul, built in 1817 - the village Rugi
  • Wooden Church of St. Gheorghe, built in 1601 - the village Rugi
  • Wooden Church of the Assumption, built in 1814 - the village Horezu
  • Monasteries Lainici Tismana, Crasna, Polovragi
  • Sohodolului Gorges, Galbenului Gorges and Oltetului Gorges, Woman's Cave and more.

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